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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Google Instant Messenger

Google finally released its own instant messenger, Google Talk. What's so good about it?

You only have to download a very small file (900KB)
You log-in with your Gmail username and password
It works with your Gmail contact list
You won't need Gmail Notifier anymore
It works with many other client as well!

It's simply something great for those who have already been using Google's services. Download it here.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Target Content for Adsense Ads

Have you ever notice that your advertisements for your adsense program are irrelevant to your contents? The ads are associated to some unrelated keywords in your site, such as "blog", rather than the main content of your site. Google has introduced a tag to solve this problem.

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->
Your contents
<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

Please note that you might need to have include a significant amount of content in the tag to make it work properly. And, allow some time for google's crawler to come to your site before you can see the differences.

Read what Google said here.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Free C++ Compiler

Borland C Builder is my first programming tool where I learned about it during my first semester in university. I never knew that they (Borland) are providing a free command line compiler till today when I searched for a command line compiler, after working for a couple of months in linux environment. Getting used to command line environment, I wish to have a convenient compiler in my Windows command prompt to compile some simple utility program I've written. I guess I've found the best around. And, it's free! You can download it here.

Please recommend me if you know any other better free C++ compilers around.

Note that this (v5.5) is not the latest (v6.0) version of Borland C Compiler and help files are not included for free version.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Flag Those Blogs Off!

As usual, after make some posting to my blog, I would spend sometime clicking on the "NEXT BLOG" button on the blogger's navigation bar to read some random blog. I find that it's quite annoying when I see blogs without contents, but a whole page of keywords, just to get search engine attention. I would have to click "NEXT BLOG" a number of times before I can find a readable blog.

Today, as I was about to browse "NEXT BLOG", I saw a "FLAG" button! The "FLAG" button can be used to flag THOSE blog that should be reviewed by Blogger, to be excluded from Blogger’s blog list. Thanks to Blogger for making this world a better place!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Publish Blog with Microsoft Word

Good news for Blogger users! You can now publish posts with your Microsoft Word. It's a Microsoft Word plug-in provided by Blogger! After installing the plug-in, you will be able to see a "Publish" button on your Microsoft Word toolbar. Main advantage I can see from this tool is that spelling and grammatical errors in blogs can be minimized! Learn more about it here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Adsense Notifier

I know this is not something new in the Google Adsense world. In fact, I've heard about this tool months ago, but didn't really try it until today. I would say this is the best tool for all adsense users. It saves a lot of time.

Is there any requirement to use Adsense Notifier? Yes, a Mozilla Firefox browser! It's an extension plugin for Firefox.

What does the Adsense Notifier do? It simply displays your current Adsense balance in the way you want it to be in status bar of your browser. You can specify the interval between updates to check as frequent as you want!

Get it here.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Installing AMSN in Red Hat 9

Installing programs in Windows environment is so much easier, if to be compared to installation for RedHat9 (RH9). Since I've installed my RH9 two month ago, I run on Web Messenger to chat with my friends. I find it troublesome to run on webmessenger each time I want to chat with my friends. Thru googling, I found AMSN for linux.

Thus, I downloaded the RPM for Red Hat 9, then double-clicked on it. A progress bar showed up, then gone. Nothing else happened. I try the command line instead this time,

rpm -ivh <the rpm>

These messages were displayed.

warning: amsn_0.94-1.1.fc3.rf_i386.rpm: V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 6b8d79e6error: Failed dependencies:
/usr/bin/tclsh is needed by amsn-0.94-1.1.fc2.dag
/usr/bin/wish is needed by amsn-0.94-1.1.fc2.dag is needed by amsn-0.94-1.1.fc2.dag is needed by amsn-0.94-1.1.fc2.dag
tcl >= 8.3 is needed by amsn-0.94-1.1.fc2.dag
tk >= 8.3 is needed by amsn-0.94-1.1.fc2.dag

Then only I learned that there are dependencies during program installation in Linux. Guess it will be easier after installed a number of RPMs like those. Spend some time searching to fix those problem. And I found this RPM resource site for AMSN. That's what you will ever need to install MSN!

I heard from my friend that GAIM has support for MSN. But, I can't find the configuration on my GAIM version. Maybe the newer version of GAIM, probably those in Fedora Core. Or maybe I should upgrade my GAIM.

Friday, August 12, 2005

C++ Search Engine

C++ Programmer wouldn't need spend lots of time to google for sample source code anymore. is providing the service for C/C++ programmer to search for whatever source code they want. This is the bookmark those programmers wouldn't want to miss! - C/C++ Source Code Search Engine

Yahoo Search Marketing Program

Yahoo Search Blog has just published an article about Yahoo Search Marketing Program. So, I went to the site and learn more about it. The program quite rewarding, with at least USD 20.00 per referral. Hope you learn about it too.

As I was trying to sign-up as an affiliate, I can't find my country in the list. I don't understand. Why?!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Yammys

Yahoo has just came up with a new idea, The Yammys. This site is created for those creative people to submit their creative videos. Then, those uncreative people can watch the videos and vote their favourite video. I think this is cool. This will eventually encourage people to be more creative. We can expect more videos like the funny Numa-numa in the future.

But, there's a problem with that site. To access the site, you need to search "The Yammys" in Yahoo! Search. Is domain name THAT expensive?

Personal Financial Program Report 1

After spending some time planning with the financial program, I finally come up with a simple design document. The programming language I've decided to use is Visual Basic .NET. I have to keep myself up-to-date with this kind of high level language as I won't have chance to do those in my work.

I'll apply accounting concepts into my database design. Yes, those debits credits. I think that should be the best way to record all transaction precisely, and I'll be able to extract it out easily when I want to generate reports.

For database, I'll be using MySQL. No reason why I choose MySQL. It's my favourite at the moment. Maybe I wish to make it online, to work with PHP, for myself to access it from anywhere. But, this is not in my design yet. Future plan, maybe.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Yahoo! Adsense?

I've been a Google Adsense user for quite a long time. I find that Google's idea was great. They provide a platform for a party to earn money and bring traffic to the other party. A win-win situation for Adsense and Adword users, and also for Google to earn money! Google has been the dominant player in this field for quite a long time.

Recently, Yahoo! had just announced their Yahoo! Publisher Network Self-Serve Beta program which would work like Google Adsense. I really can't wait for the release and try the service out! I strongly believe that Yahoo! will put up a great challenge to the Google's Adsense program.

Yahoo! Search Blog Entry