Wednesday, September 14, 2005


It has been a while since my previous post. I'm busy working on my personal website. Hopefully the site will be up soon. I'll make another post about my site after a few days.

I understand that most readers will be lazy to check my blog again, if I don't post anything for so many days. Do you agree? I'm also one of those avid blog readers. I'll check every blog in my blogroll almost everyday. I'll be glad if I read some interesting stuff every time I visit a blog.

Here, I would like to provide an option for my readers (if there is). I'll be glad to send emails whenever I update my blog. If you are interested to be in the list, just drop me an email, with your email address. I do hope that this would help save your time.


Anonymous Leo said...

I have the blogs I read often on my Google Personal page so I see when someone has posted a new post quite quickly. If you are going to post any change in address on this blog I will check your blog for news, it's probably not worth me emailing...

4:41 AM  
Blogger EngLee said...

Glad to be in your Google Personal page. It's always good to utilize some tool or rss reader to track blog changes.

I guess I should add some blog to my Google Personalized page as well. :)

9:34 AM  

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